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Odor Control

A Sensible Solution for Elimination of Sewer Gases

InfraScrub is technology designed for the control of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other malodorous compounds found in sewer gases.

InfraScrub® Odor Control Air Scrubber Drawing

Odor elimination is accomplished through a two-stage process of Converting and Oxidizing. This technology protects against the escape of malodors which cannot be readily oxidized. Each technology has a critical role to play.

Step 1: Converting is accomplished by using a patented media that uses blended polymeric amine, formulated for maximum removal of H2S and mercaptans.

Step 2: Oxidation is accomplished with chlorine dioxide technology which reacts with the most offensive odor producing compounds.

Infrascrub’s media will provide a much longer service life than products such as activated carbon. The end result is; no corrosive acidic discharge from media, no clumping, no power required and media disposal, requires no special handling and NO SMELL!

The infraScrub system connects directly to your air valve through a manifold which will permit air to be drawn directly from atmosphere when the air valve is under vacuum pressure and discharging sewer air only through the odour control cannister media. This ensures that your valve fully operates as it was designed.

What's that Awful Smell?

The function of an air valve is to discharge air from the Pipeline during fill. Depending on frequency of pumping the air discharged can produce unappealing odors. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) but other malodorous compounds are present as well.

The problem has largely been ignored or ineffectively treated with activated carbon....UNTIL NOW!

InfraScrub® Odor Control Air Scrubber in Manhole - Side View
InfraScrub® Odor Control Air Scrubber in Manhole - Side View
InfraScrub® Odor Control Air Scrubber in Manhole - Top Down View
InfraScrub® Odor Control Air Scrubber in Manhole - Top Down View
InfraScrub® Air Control Unit

A Sensible Solution for Air Control

The air control assembly has been sized to exceed maximum ARV discharge and vacuum flow. All discharge air is cycled through Infrachoice Odor Canister for scrubbing. All vacuum intake air is drawn in through atmosphere connection preventing unwanted obstruction and restriction.

Product Specifications

Infrascrub – Compact molded free standing or hanging molded polymer canister containing our proprietary Oxidizing/Polishing media for the purpose of removing H2S odours from sewer air valve discharge. System includes a wall mounted “Air Manifold Assembly”, 15ft of reinforced clear hose and standard camlock quick connect/disconnect fittings.

For specific “Air Valve” sizing please contact your local representative, our Odor Control Units are sized based on application or air valve flow rates.

InfraScrub® Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the Infrascrub Unit affect “Air Valve” performance?

    No, we have Odor Control Units designed for specific Air Valve Manufacturer Models mirroring both Air Discharge and Air Intake flow rates. In addition we have created a generic TDS with minimum and maximum air flow rates. If you have a specific model of air valve that requires Odor Control contact us and we will size accordingly.
  2. Do all Air Valves require Non Slam technology?

    It is preferred however not necessarily required. We size odor control on maximum air flow rates. We require a min 7 second exposure to scrub the air. Without Non Slam simply requires a larger canister. Non Slam also adds additional benefits to pipeline protection from surge events. Contact us with specific needs we can run calculations to determine size of units.
  3. How long will the media last?

    We size the canister to allow for a minimum two year design life. It is not unreasonable to expect three years of service without issue. Life of media is based on H2S levels (PPM), flow rate and intervals of flow. The more data we receive the greater our ability to provide life cycle analysis.
  4. What kind of Warranty is offered on Odor Control Unit?

    We offer a One Year replacement warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. See specific warranty document.
  5. How do I maintain the Air Valve when connected to Odor Control Unit?

    The Odor Control unit comes with quick disconnect camlock fittings to Air Valve. Simply disconnect and service the valve.
  6. Will the Odor Control Unit fit within a 48” manhole?

    The Odor Control Unit was designed specifically to work within a tight enclosed environment. The wall mounted air control assembly can be fastened any where within the chamber and the elbows swivel to allow for easy hose maneuverability. The Canister is propped up with four legs and is conical in shape to allow for installation right beside air valve. In addition the canister is supplied with Stainless Steel Cabling so it can be hung just under the manhole frame and cover.

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